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December 2014

Hello and Happy New Year!

My new gallery--Gallery 14 in Tipp City will have a grand opening January 16-18.     I have 4 paintings in the gallery – Anna Marie – a girl on the beach testing the water,  another painting - Beach on Buck Creek  is a girl at the waters edge with an umbrella - a little like Monet posted his models.  I did a quick sketch of the model about 3 in the afternoon and at 3 the next day did quick color and shadow notations.   My two other paintings will be there also - First Encounter  and Boats at Fort Meyers.   

Anna Marie  oil - 20 x 24



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The Story

I think reading to young children establishes a love for learning.  This painting was sold to a librarian is now hanging in a nearby library.  

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The annual Dayton Visual Art Center held its 15th art auction the last Friday in April.   My painting “Laguna Shore” was in the silent auction.  Art was in the air – with some 90 pieces of art – paintings, sculpture, jewelry and installations bid on.    I met the new owners of my seascape – they were pleased to win the bid.  I painted it after visiting my family in Newport Coast, California and discovering that Laguna Beach was only walking distance away.  It was such an artsy community …..filled with gallery after gallery of art, and much of the subject on the canvases whispered ‘ocean inspiration’.   


Some good news - I’m in a new gallery in Troy, Ohio, located in the center square of town…(2 E. Main).  The gallery is called The Art Vault, so named after its former occupants, a bank.  The grand opening was May 19, 2012.     My landscape paintings in oil are:  “Lake Erie Rocks”, “Summer Glory” and “Prairie Field” – all are plein air which means painted on location.    The Strawberry Festival is the first weekend in June – the gallery is in the circle, stop in to see all the beautiful art.     



  "Laguna Shore"

   Oil on Canvas

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Key West

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March 2012


  Last month we went to Key West – oh --  the trade winds was blowing those beautiful tropical palm trees all over the island.   It was most interesting when we found a nice place to paint -- the owner would invariablely come out to see what was so interesting that we chose their place to paint.  One fellow was originally from Cuba and lived in Key West for the last 25 years – gave us a run-down history of the area.    On the other corner was a Cuban restaurant and lunch crowd would pass by the easel and they too, wondered what was so interesting to paint.  A couple took out their camera to take a picture of the house I was painting.      Another corner we painted was near the Mermaid and Alligator salon – what a funny name for a salon.  In that painting, the church steeple was visible behind all the greenery.    I’ll put that one on the blog so you can see it.  In the foreground, on the fence is the lovely red and purple bougainvillea– growing everywhere--along fences and even into the trees.      

I have a commissioned to paint an old farm – the house, barn, chicken coop and the other building are all white.  The owner is selling it and will be torn down to build a shopping center.     It has all the stakes with red flags on so soon it will be only a memory.   With this painting, the farm will be standing in a different place…..on their walls. 

Edy & Louie

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Painting in southern Ohio

The Quilt Barn - oil on board - 16 x 20


The annual Ohio Plein Air Society member's competition was held in Meigs County - a terrain of rolling hills and farmland.  I painted along a white wooden fence that separated me from a herd of black angus.  The cows curiously came near the fence - as if to say - "whatcha doing in my space?".  The barn I painted had a large quilt design - a sort of whirlygig design.   The barn nearby was old and soon to be torn down.  It had the look of yesterday's farming and the smell of old alfalfa hay.  We might go back there to paint the old barn before the wreckers arrive to tear it down.  The owners were most receptive -- telling about the many generations who farmed the land.  It was an experience of painting and a little history lesson on picturesque barns with quilts painted on and old worn out barns gradually  dissappearing from the Ohio landscape. 

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Annual DVAC Auction

It’s about time that I blog a little.  Wow, time goes by so fast when there’s a lot to do.    April’s highlight was the Dayton Visual Art Center’s annual auction.  There was some wild bidding going on.  My oil painting “Shaded Park” was in the silent auction.  It was fun returning often to see how high the bidding was going.    






Shaded Park - 16 x 20 - Oil.  Painted plein air at Possom Creek, Metro Park, Dayton Ohio

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This Holiday Season


This holiday season I took some time off to spend time with my family.  My daughter Lisa, brought her friend college friend Beth to visit. Beth brought her new born baby girl, and when I met the little one and got inspired to paint. So I think the first thing I will do now that the holiday season is over, is get to work and do a painting of the little baby girl. I think I will do it in the style of Mary Cassatt, Mary is known for doing painting of mothers with their children.

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